SCI WP Framework allows to follow a typical MVC architecture in WordPress plugin development, including many functionalities which can be usually found in most popular MVC PHP Frameworks, like routing, autoloading or dependency injection.


SCI WP Framework does not pretend to replace WordPress functions, as it also uses many WordPress components. The main purpose of the framework is to add a modern perspective to WordPress plugin development, also allowing a better way of organising the code according to new standards.

You can install the official SCI WP Framework Plugin and start using it straight away, or you also can bundle it as part of your plugin, also allowing third party developers to use the framework and create third party plugins to extend your creation.


SCI WP development follow semantic versioning. This means that both minor versions and patches are always compatible with previous major versions, so they never break your code. However, major framework versions might not be compatible with previous major versions, requiring an optional update on your side.

Major SCI WP Framework versions will be compatible with the last WordPress major version. In case a new WordPress major version launches and breaks the last SCI WP Framework version, a new minor version or patch will be provided.


If you find a bug or have a problem with the framework, you can open an issue on the GitHub support page. If you have an improvement or want to fix an issue, feel free to create a new pull request.


SCI WP framework was created and is maintained by Eduardo Lazaro, currently writing these lines. I started this project in 2018, heavily modified it in 2019 and launched a first release in 2020. I started this framework to fix the lack of consistency in the development of my plugins, so I could have a structured way of coding them.

This framework uses many of the available WordPress functions, as it was not the purpose to reinvent the wheel, so hopefully it will have a good compatibility with future WordPress versions.

If you like the project and want to collaborate, check the contribution section. You can also contact me by sending me an email at


SCI WP Framework is open source and is licensed under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE 2.1. You can check the full terms and conditions here.

You are free to use and bundle this framework with your plugins as long as you include this license within your plugin.